MILENCO Mirror Protectors WHITE - (PAIR)
MILENCO Mirror Protectors BLACK - (PAIR)
Milenco POWER 900 Antenna - 4275
RRP £119.99
£99.99 *
FALCON towing mirrors (PAIR) 3988
RRP £49.99
£45.99 *
MILENCO Sleep Safe Alarm (pack of 6)
RRP £26.95
£23.50 *
MILENCO Cargo Bars Small
RRP £19.95
£18.50 *
RRP £134.95
£114.99 *
MILENCO Motorhome 16" Wheel Clamp M16
RRP £134.95
£114.99 *
MILENCO Security Hitch Ball
RRP £4.95
£3.99 *
MILENCO Cargo Bars Large
RRP £24.95
£22.50 *
3001 MILENCO Stacka Level pack of 6
RRP £49.95
£38.95 *
3018 MILENCO Stacka Level pack of 3
RRP £22.99
£17.50 *
3032 MILENCO Stacka Level Single
RRP £6.99
£5.99 *
3292 MILENCO Stacka Level Bag
RRP £7.50
£5.99 *
MILENCO Caravan Level Set
RRP £24.95
£18.99 *
1809 MILENCO 12N 7 Pin Plug
RRP £2.95
£1.99 *
Milenco 360 BLIND SPOT Vario Mirror
RRP £21.95
£17.99 *
MILENCO Grand Aero Mirror (Pair)
RRP £64.95
£52.99 *
RRP £39.99
£31.95 *
MILENCO Gel Bumper Protector
RRP £8.00
£5.99 *
MILENCO Precision Nose Weight Gauge
RRP £32.50
£27.99 *
MILENCO Compact Wheel Clamp
RRP £69.95
£69.95 *
* Prices include VAT



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We REALLY love the Milenco brand. Milenco's commitment to good, old



QUALITY and their continuous development of NEW products gives us


and our

customers great confidence in recommending MILENCO products to



searching for an accessory or security solution for their vans'



We REALLY love the Milenco brand. Their comitment to good old fashioned QUALITY and their continuous development of NEW products gives us and our customers great confidence in recommending Milenco products to anyone searching an accessory or security solution for their vans'


We are an authorised MILENCO main dealer and stockist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             








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Important customer information is just one of a group of companies operated by Vanplus Leisure Limited

Also part of the group is:-

VANPLUS LEISURE LIMITED - A motorhome collection point and accessory fitting centre based in Llandeilo, here to visit our website  - Our online fully stocked accessory shop.  - click here to visit webshop




Milenco's wheelcamp is the very finest in design, quality engineering and construction.

The locking mechanisms are built in and with corrosion-proof brass construction and hardened inserts are exceptionally resistant to picking, chiselling and drilling.

Superior quality features include the best pick-proof, ultra-high security, built in locking mechanism, hardened steel construction to resist sawing and freezing.

This is a purposed designed, anti-theft wheelclamp, offering superior security to other devices, can be easily and simply fitted in under 30 seconds.

In fact the wheelclamp offers an outstanding combination of high strength and low weight that is unique in the market.



The most important thing about levelling your caravan is planning.

If you can plan the position of your caravan and the caravan is easily manoeuvrable we would recommend using any of the Milenco range of levelling ramps.

Always plan the position of your caravan so you have to do the minimum amount of levelling, or at least less then the size of your levelling device.

Aluminium Leveller

Aluminium Leveller

This new superior light weight Aluminium Level is complete with carry case.

Easily lifts 1000kg per wheel (caravan 2000kg, Motorhome 4000kg).

Weighs less than 5kg.

POWER 900 Antenna

POWER 900 Antenna

Suitable for all Caravans and Motorhomes
Powerful Digital Television Reception
Roof Mounted 360 Degree Reception
Complete with Leads and Variable Gain Amplifier
Large Base (to cover any old Antenna mounting holes)
4G Compatible, 3 Year Guarantee
Grip Mats

Grip Mats

These mats can get you out of a muddy field unlike conventional grip mats.


Milenco aluminium steps have lead the market since their launch in 1996.

Proving this, in a recent court case, a dutch company who had counterfitted a Milenco step, defence was that the design was so perfect and could not be improved upon, they should be allowed to copy it - they lost the case.

Don't forget your awning carpet! Click here to view!

Wheel Trims

Wheel Trims

Milenco supplies original equipment wheel trims to a large number of caravan and motorhome manufacturers.

All our models feature a steel fixing rim which ensures they will not fall off by accident.

To find your wheel trim size just look at your tyre, it is the last marking.

Eg. 175/70r13 would be 13 inch

225/65r15 would be 15 inch

If you are not sure email your tyre size to


or phone 01269 846399 and we will be happy to help.

Most wheel trims are now FREE POSTAGE AND PACKING!

Thermal Blinds

Thermal Blinds

Using their reputation for superior quality, innovation and design, A few years ago MILENCO turned their attention to insulation screens for cabs and motorhomes.

Available in Interior and Exterior versions these screens are a 'must have' for any motorhome.


 View the Motor Caravan review here.


Security Devices

Security Devices

Whatever you need to keep safe and secure MILENCO has the solution to the problem! From alarms to locks, we have what you need!


Easy and simple to use and fitted with an integrated high quality lock which will give years of reliable service.

Some now with extended 5 year guarantee!!

Door Locks

Door Locks

Enhance your caravan or Motorhome security with this superior quality Door Lock.

Fast and simple to fit, into caravan door frame surround.

Simply slides left or right to lock and secure caravan doors, lockers or garage.

Security Hand Rail

Security Hand Rail

This is a superb new product designed to offer far greater safety than a step mounted hand rail which can be prone to tipping over.

The Security Hand Rail is mounted on the caravan or motorhome so it is very secure.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Locking Wheel Nuts

Lets face it, Motorhome and Caravan wheels aren't cheap and the tyres alone are worth a pretty penny.

Help to keep them attached to your van with Locking Wheel Nuts by Milenco. 

Noseweight Gauge

Noseweight Gauge

This is the only Noseweight Gauge approved and calibrated to the British standard for these instruments. It offers calibrated precision, accuracy, reliability and technical superiority over other Noseweight Gauges. It has a clear large scale to ensure the precise and safe loading for this safety critical area, to ensure Caravan stability when towing.
Cargo Bars

Cargo Bars

These sturdy telescopic Cargo Bars are designed to keep any load in place safely and securely whilst travelling. Also is an aid to stabilise your Caravans loading and Noseweight. Use in conjunction with the Milenco Precision Calibrated Noseweight Gauge.
Gel Bumper Protector

Gel Bumper Protector

Protect the paint work on your Bumper.
Carpetina - Awning Carpet

Carpetina - Awning Carpet

Carpetina Classic This is the original woven, breathable awning carpet. We are flattered of all the Chinese imitations of Carpetina, however be warned none of them perform as well or are as easy to clean as the original. Nor are they as soft underfoot. Carpetina awning carpet is the perfect solution to pitching your caravan on any type of grass. It's Caravan Club approved and is preferred on many camping sites.


Milenco will provide spare parts for all of our products when possible, so you can be sure any Milenco product will offer you exceptional service and value. Below are some examples of popular spares available:
Swiss Lux Products

Swiss Lux Products

Swiss Lux is a complete range of Low Wattage camping and caravanning electrical items.

This range of products has been specially developed for camping and offers energy efficiency which will benefit you whilst on site.

Now exclusively available in the UK from MILENCO LIMITED.


Delivery Information

* All orders delivered via Royal Mail standard parcels are FREE delivery if over £40 


Highlands and Islands customers please note that certain items due to size and weight which are delivered via courier services are excluded from free delivery services to your locations. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.